It's impossible to find One Piece yuri doujinshis :/

I swear, yuri doujinshis are nearly impossible to find, in any fandom really. I was looking for some One Piece doujinshis, in this case Robin/Nami. I only found one, and it didn't really look that good. Now I know there are quite a few hentai doujinshis with Nami and Robin in them, but really, that is something entirely different. Also, I suppose I'm getting picky here, but if possible I'd like to find a doujinshi that isn't pure smut, but actually has some relationship establishment.

Still, when I see that there are literally hundreds of yaoi doujinshis, it kind of baffles me that there are so few yuri doujinshis. I'll take the yaoi, but seriously, where's the girls' love?